Happy Birthday Bridge Ministries!

Bridge Ministries is 3!

In honour of our 3rd Birthday we thought we’d give you an update on 3 (see what we did there?) significant and exciting events milestones happening over the next few months:

  1. In July we are launching ‘The Road’ our online video based apologetics website - we have been working hard to get this up and running in time for the summer and are excited that we're on track to finish filming by the end of this month.
  2. In September we are launching a newly designed ‘The Bridge’ with a new layout which we hope will make the site more easy to navigate, give better mobile access and offer ‘up to the minute’ content.
  3. We are currently recording and putting together a Podcast ‘The Well’ designed to equip and support those serving in Youth Ministry that should be released before the end of the year.

Year 3 is going to be super exciting!

Mobile phone and headphones
Help us keep putting great content in the hands of young people

Wish us a Happy Birthday?

We would love to give you our supporters and friends an opportunity to consider giving a birthday ‘gift’ to Bridge Ministries to mark this huge milestone and help us on our way to this next season of multi site ministry.

Bridge Ministries is a fully volunteer-run ministry with many team members also balancing full time jobs and studies.

Because of this our financial spend is extraordinarily low for the output we produce - we are incredibly blessed to have a team of highly skilled people who consistently produce excellent work simply because they believe in our mission. We think it’s incredibly important to be able to bless and support all those who serve in this ministry as best we can.

However we do inevitably incur some costs - running vision days to resource our team, covering travel expenses and hosting our websites all rely on donations we receive. We would love it if you could prayerfully consider giving a small financial gift by clicking the button below - £10 goes an incredibly long way for us!

Thank you so much for all you do to support us - we look forward to sharing the next year with you!

Lots of love,

The Bridge Ministries Team

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